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Why Bilibili Is the New Beauty Battlefield for Chinese Gen Zers

Bilibili is favoured by millennials and Gen Zers, who together account for 81% of the platform’s user base. The volume of beauty-related content increased by 120% in 2020, according to Bilibili’s annual performance report, while vlogger fanbases in that area expanded by 120%., which features vloggers’ makeup instructions, cosmetics testing, unboxing videos, daily makeup advice, popular makeup copy, and more, has turned into one of the most prominent mainstream beauty marketing platforms in recent years. By June 2021, the number of beauty companies on the site had surpassed all other official account categories on, with a year-over-year increase of 2,050%.

Brands like Estée Lauder, Chanel Beauty, and Shiseido are already using this platform to promote their campaigns. Shiseido boosted its profile by hosting a live streaming session with celebrities and routinely invites Gen-Z influencers and celebrities to generate product-related content to boost web traffic. Lancôme, a French cosmetics company, collaborated with Bilibili KOLs to create content to promote its renowned products through campaigns and online engagement.



5 Reasons ‘New Luxury’ Is the ‘New Normal’ in China

‘New Luxury’ = the refined democratization of luxury. Premium products usually have a high price tag. They can, however, reassure customers that New Luxury is frequently still affordable. 

Chinese consumers are attracted to brands that feel unique and special. This uniqueness is at the heart of New Luxury, and customers want stores like these to embody innovation.

Consumers seeking aspirational lifestyles are more inclined to reject New Luxury brands that appear to be designed for the public.



China Bans Effeminate Men and Abnormal Esthetics From TV

What Happened?
It’s the final curtain for China’s “Little Fresh Meat.”  On September 2, Chinese officials announced that “sissy men and other abnormal esthetics” would no longer be broadcast on television, encouraging broadcasters to “promote excellent Chinese traditional culture” instead.

Why should global brands care?
For a long time, luxury brands entering China have relied on these effeminate faces and their massive fan bases for publicity and sales. With no clear definition of what falls under the Party’s definition of “sissy” (Is it clothes and makeup? Is it certain types of behaviour?), ambassadorial appointments will become more tricky.



WeChat new feature for iPad

When iPad users upgrade to WeChat 8.0.13, they will gain a new feature: the ability to split the screen in half. When iPad users upgrade to WeChat 8.0.13, they will gain a new feature: the ability to split the screen in half.  With this update, they can also browse files, web pages and other content while chatting.

To easily “split-screen” and turn one into two while exploring files, web pages, video numbers, and other information on the iPad, simply touch the split screen icon in the upper right corner of the page.



Nespresso interactive layout

It’s very impressive when opening the article and slide to discover more hidden interesting messages.

The article introduces their various coffee drinks; viewers can view the entire message by clicking on the centre.



Chocapic Nutri-Game

Nestle developed the H5 to market its Chocapic product. The H5’s general design is reminiscent of an old game console and is quite similar to the pixel look of Super Mario Bros., and playing the H5 brings back many memories. The game screen’s protagonist is Chocapic’s product mascot, and there are numerous wheat ears in the scene.



Layout for recruitment

To guide the recruitment of many enterprises, a lifelike simulation of personal moments of friends page was created, where the picture can be clicked to enlarge, the music can be clicked to play, and the link can be clicked to enter without a pop-up window.


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