Trends in the Chinese Market

Beijing Accelerates Adoption of Metaverse by Including it in a Development Plan

The Beijing municipal government unveiled a two-year Metaverse innovation and development plan with the goal of fostering the growth of industries connected to the Metaverse and assisting Beijing in becoming a model city for the digital economy. 

All districts are required by the action plan to develop technological infrastructure at the urban level and promote its application in a number of industries, including tourism and education. The Metaverse was also included in Shanghai’s five-year development plan before Beijing.



Douyin launches a “downvote/dislike” function against malicious comments  

In response to the Chinese government’s call for a civilized and peaceful online environment, Douyin (the Chinese version of Tiktok) becomes the first short video APP that enables the “downvote” or “dislike” function in the comment area by clicking a “broken heart”” icon. 

The “downvote” feature was once tested by Facebook and YouTube, but it is no longer available. The fact that users can only “downvote” comments and not posts, and that the total number of downvotes is hidden from view, makes it unlikely that this new feature will offend the creators of Douyin. 



Luxury Thinks Beyond Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

In contrast to the Lunar New Year or the numerous Valentine’s Days celebrated in the nation, which are occasions when luxury brands release limited-edition products, the Mid-Autumn Festival is more of a chance for houses to maintain their connections with local VIP clients and stakeholders. 

Many international brands have chosen to eliminate or reduce the number of mooncakes in their gift boxes in recent years. Fantastic examples from brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and more.


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