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The WeChat Agency Blog: The Best of 2022

The year of the Tiger or simply 2022, was a very eventful year in China, to say the least. Contrary to the rest of the world, COVID-19 was still a predominant topic in the daily lives of millions of Chinese and had a serious impact on brands and their activities in China too, influencing literally every step they took from communication to sales. 

We’ve witnessed new trends and platforms being born and some slowly fading into memory. With the loosening of the restrictions, 2023 will be a fascinating year. Now, let’s bring the best pieces from our The WeChat Agency blog in 2022!


10. China Trend: Silver Generation

When everyone is eyeing China’s Gen Z, there is another fast-growing consumer group with a lot of leisure time, increasing purchasing power, and usually living within close-knit communities. COVID-19 and frequent lockdowns forced the Chinese elderly, already quite digital-savvy, to use online platforms more than ever before and subsequently sped up internet adoption among the eldest. 

Read here: China Trend: Silver Generation

China Silver generation senior


9. Top 5 alternatives for LinkedIn in China you need to know now

By the end of 2021, LinkedIn officially switched to CareerIn for users based in mainland China. Discover 5  social networking platforms that are not LinkedIn. 

Read more here: Top 5 alternatives for LinkedIn in China you need to know now

LinkedIn China


8. What is Dewu?

Do you know hat is Dewu (得物) aka POIZON? Deemed a male version of Xiaohongshu, it’s a fascinating social marketplace revolving around sneakers, fashion, and street culture. Brands like Adidas, Michael Kors, and Coach are already there.  

Read more: What Is Dewu?

Dewu Poizon China


7. How Douyin is Different From TikTok?

While essentially TikTok and Douyin are the same platforms, there are some major differences between these two. 

Read more: How Douyin is Different From TikTok?

Douyin Tiktok difference


6. WeChat Stickers – A Quick Guide

You can love or hate them but WeChat stickers are a huge part of communication on the app and can convey a myriad of emotions in one small GIF. Brands can join this fun trend too.

Read more: WeChat Stickers – A Quick Guide

WeChat Stickers


5. E-commerce Platforms in China

Learn more about Chinese e-commerce, there’s more than Taobao.  

Read more: E-commerce Platforms in China

Ecommerce China


4. Live Streaming on WeChat Channels

WeChat Channels live streaming definitely sped up in 2022. With more than 450 million daily active users and new built-in features (think e-commerce and customer service), brands are more excited to dip their toes into WeChat Channels live streaming. 

Find out how to apply and what are the most successful formats in one of our top blog posts of the year.

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WeChat Channels Live Streaming


3. ​​Douyin (China’s TikTok) Statistics 2022 [UPDATED!]

Douyin, China’s TikTok, in numbers. We are not surprised that this post made into top 3 of the year. 

Douyin (China’s TikTok) Statistics 2022 [UPDATED!]

DOUYIN Statistics China TikTok


2. What Is WeChat Marketing?

Your 101 to WeChat marketing. Everything you need to know and more. 

Read more: What Is WeChat Marketing?

WeChat Guide


1. A Beginner’s Guide to WeChat Channels

In 2022, no other WeChat function introduced more upgrades and new features than Channels. No wonder that our post introducing this platform within the WeChat platform raised so much curiosity and attracted thousands of your clicks. If you are a more seasoned Channels user feel free to discover more content about Channels on our blog. 

Read more: A Beginner’s Guide to WeChat Channels

WeChat Channels

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