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Xiaohongshu RED Beauty Trends 2022 – What’s Hot?

Xiaohongshu, a lifestyle platform, released a report dedicated to the trends gaining popularity at the beginning of 2022. Called Little Red Book, or simply RED, attracts a big number of beauty enthusiasts. As of now, it has over 200 million monthly active users. Beauty has consistently been one of the most popular content categories on Xiaohongshu, owing to a large user base with a strong interest in beauty and makeup.

Women account for 89% of clients who view beauty-related articles, while those aged 18 to 34 account for 87%, according to the survey. More importantly, many of them are now in the habit of using the site to study skincare and beauty items before purchasing them. Recently, we dug deeper into RED marketing with our Quick Guide to Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) Marketing and talked about 5 Reasons to Leverage RED/Xiaohongshu and How to Set Up an Account?

Earlier this month, China’s lifestyle social platform Xiaohongshu released its 2022 Xiaohongshu Beauty Trends Report. The report provides valuable insights into what trends are emerging in the beauty sector from a large user base that is highly interested in beauty and makeup. It allows brands and investors to iterate their products in response to market demand and develop more targeted marketing and investment strategies. 

Xiaohongshu forecasts trends based on content searched on the platform in the previous year, including ‘efficient skincare,’ ‘haute makeup,’ ‘stacking products,’ and ‘gender neutrality.’

The Four Major Beauty RED Trends 💁‍♀️


  • Haute Makeup
    Simultaneously, searches for personalized and custom makeup increased in 2021, as individuals sought makeup that might transform potential flaws into distinct qualities. Searches for “Square face makeup” jumped 1100%, “How to define olive skin” increased 470%, and “Facial angling” increased 163%.


  • Stacking products
    Combining the use of various items, according to Xiaohongshu, became popular since it was supposed to provide an exponential effect. Searches for “lip oil layering” and “perfume layering” jumped by 135% and 82%, respectively.


  • Efficient skincare
    When it comes to skincare products, quality always outweighs quantity. Searches for “simple skincare” grew by 170%, while searches for “skincare pyramid” increased by 560%.


  • Gender neutrality
    On the site, men’s attractiveness has grown in popularity. Men are searching for a broader range of beauty goods than perfumes, facial cleansers, and lotions. Searches for “Men’s eyebrow shape” and “Men’s cosmetics cream” increased by 130 and 354%, respectively.

Some of the RED Report’s Key Takeaways


Men’s beauty is emerging: More categories of cosmetics have been added to men’s beauty wishlists, in addition to the evergreen perfumes, facial cleansers, and lotions. Furthermore, the survey revealed a significant increase in men in 2021, with 14% of these becoming content creators. This group has the potential to push more men to abandon outdated notions of masculinity. Hence accelerating the rise of gender-neutral beauty labels.

Self-acceptance drives personalization: Similarly, the report demonstrates how Xiaohongshu users have embraced variety. This transition is evident in the emergence of personalized and tailored makeup showcasing the distinctive qualities of beauty customers. The practice of layering multiple cosmetics, such as lipsticks and perfumes, exemplifies the desire for individuality. Some of the brands gaining benefits from these are Perfect Diary, Proya, Carslan, FlowerKnows, Zeesea, and more.

The need for cosmetics ingredients is increasing: Cheng Fen Dang (成份党) has been a key trend impacting the beauty landscape in China since its inception in 2017. This exclusive club, founded by skincare enthusiasts with scientific degrees, discusses the professional understanding of cosmetic components and how they influence different skin types. Some of them use personal social accounts to provide product reviews that evaluate various substances and their features, which have become reliable sources of information for locals. 

Xiaohongshu’s Beauty Influencers

The number of beauty-related artists in Xiaohongshu is increasing, with a 14% increase in male users in 2021 (it didn’t happen without some controversies – see our news bulletin). Beauty influencers are also increasingly younger. The group born after the year 2000 accounting for 20% of the platform’s beauty creators. Almost 70% of Xiaohongshu’s beauty producers live in major cities.

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