What’s new in e-commerce?

Why Experience, Story and Video Are Key Sales Drivers in Chinese Cross-Border Commerce


Tmall adopts a slower, more drawn-out strategy intended to entice customers with a wide variety of options, while Amazon places a premium on speed and convenience, with quick conversions and brief visits. Amazon is extremely quick in and quick out, and its search algorithm is built around helping you find the product you want as quickly as possible. 

Tmall is more concerned with presenting you with more brands, a wider variety, and as many different product images as it can. The goal of Tmall’s strategy, which is to interact with customers, is to do more than just make sales. China has essentially made shopping into a game in terms of e-commerce.

The app gives you the impression that you are there to experience something rather than to make a purchase while you are using it. Tmall does a great job of encouraging businesses to post more content, both user-generated and branded. Live Streaming and live videos have increased significantly.



Alibaba to scale up cross-border e-commerce activities


As domestic consumption on the mainland continues to decline, Alibaba Group Holding is stepping up efforts to expand its cross-border e-commerce operations through a new campaign with authorities in Hangzhou, the capital of eastern Zhejiang province. This initiative aims to support more Chinese exporters as they expand abroad.

Other Chinese cities have also made plans to increase the volume of international e-commerce, demonstrating a wider support for the recovery of the mainland’s economy.

Through its various subsidiaries, including the international Tmall and Taobao Marketplace operations, the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Lazada, and the global retail site AliExpress, Alibaba has connections to the Hangzhou pilot zone.



JD.com Launches Robotic Shops “ochama” in the Netherlands


Two robotic stores under the new brand name “ochama” were launched by JD.com, a leading supply chain-based technology and service provider, on January 10th, 2022, in the Netherlands. Additional locations will be added soon. The new store model introduces a previously unheard-of shopping format that combines home delivery service, pick-up shops where robots prepare the packages, and online ordering.

JD.com has never before had a physical retail location in Europe. Ochama, which combines “omni-channel” and “amazing,” is the first Dutch omni-channel retailer to provide both food and non-food items in a single shopping app.

Through ochama’s App, where a full range of A-brand products are offered covering fresh & packaged food, home appliances, beauty, maternal and child products, fashion, home furnishings, and more, customers can conveniently order products online using the omni-channel model.


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