WeChat Menu Basics: How to Optimize WeChat Menu?

As we have introduced in our previous post, the WeChat menu is where users will look for crucial information such as your company’s contact information, brand story, major products, product line introduction, and more. When people click on your WeChat official account, they can quickly access these menu tabs.

How to Optimize Your WeChat Menu?

  1. Analyze the menus of your competitors.
  2. Have a nice menu design, as well as speed and efficiency.
  3. Revamp your menu every quarter
  4. Give your audience a tailored menu.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these best practices:

Menu Benchmarks

Before designing a WeChat menu, benchmark other accounts in the industry. It is important to take note of the following:

  • Are there common patterns in the user experience? 
  • What tools are other accounts offering customers through their account menu? 
  • Where are the calls to action positioned (sub-tabs or main menu; left, right, or middle)?

Analyzing menus of competitors, we see that some of them link menu tabs to external websites. In this case loading time (hosting in China) and mobile-friendly design is crucial for a good user experience. 

Don’t overlook the menu as it’s one of the fundamental pillars of your brand communication on WeChat,

Menu Technicalities & Design

  • For speed and efficiency, make sure the information of the menu tabs is either incorporated in WeChat as WeChat articles or directed to a website hosted in China.
  • Since this is the most popular content on the official account, make sure the design is as nice, if not better, than normal articles.
  • For more sophisticated menus, consider using WeChat templates.


  • Check the relevancy of menu columns/tabs every quarter to ensure that your menu is up to date and reflects any important changes that have happened.
  • Examine the most and least clickable menu tabs to identify if the least performing. Then, decide to either enhance them or see if they’re needed at all and remove the unnecessary ones.

Customized Menu

  • On WeChat, personalization can help your content stand out from the crowd, boosting engagement, retention, and conversion rates. Menus can be customized depending on the user’s initial touchpoint. For example, if they scan a QR to your official account from a physical product they already own, you can serve them with a menu that is geared more towards existing clients and adapt the journey accordingly with loyalty programs and a post-purchase tab. Similarly, you can prepare a version of the menu for people who are not your customers yet with more focus on menus introducing your products, brand history, and product benefits. All within one official account.

WeChat Menu MontagutWeChat Menu MontagutWeChat Menu Montagut
Menu Optimization Look-outs:

  1. Loading time: Make sure the content is either incorporated in the WeChat ecosystem as an article or that the menu tabs redirect to a Chinese-hosted website.
  2. Sub-menus: You can use up to 15 sub-menu tabs (3 columns x 5 sub-menus), but don’t overburden your consumers. Apply the logic underlying the website menu layout haphazardly.
  3. Language: When Chinese readers encounter just English-language information, they might abandon the website right away.
  4. Performance: Monitor the performance of your menu tabs every quarter and make any necessary adjustments. For a better user experience, consider customized menus.


WeChat menus are gradually becoming the most popular content types on the WeChat platform because they act as information centers for your company in China. So as a result, for firms trying to expand their business in China, the WeChat menu is a must-have.

A well-designed menu that directs users to relevant tabs can boost sales and lead generation. Update tabs on a regular basis, some of them can direct users to active events or campaigns.

Specifically developed and customized menus can help drive sales and leads by better connecting the audience with the business and improving the user experience.

Are you looking for setting up your very own WeChat Menu? Please get in touch with our team. We apply our knowledge and experience to assist businesses in forming meaningful connections and expanding their consumer base in China. For additional information, please contact us by phone – Shanghai or Hong Kong


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