Unveiling Opportunities: Evaluating the Latest Innovations in China’s Landscape

1. Honey badgers and iPad kids: Experts weigh in on Gen Alpha

  • Generation Alpha, born between 2010 and 2024; is a demographic that is predicted to be the biggest in history.

  • According to experts, they will inevitably hold the biggest spending power and are already influencing household purchasing decisions.

  • Since children are capable of creating brand associations as young as three, it’s essential to look at what’s shaping their interests. Their familiarity with technology is influencing their perspective on the internet and technology as a whole.

  • Compared with Gen Z, more closed nature of sharing will likely fuel the rise of virtual selves, especially due to their comfortability with the Metaverse and avatars.

  • Brands need to be aware that the children of today live in a different digital world, with new rules, humor, language, and practices.




2. Chinese drama ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ sparks interest in bespoke fashion

  • ‘Blossoms Shanghai,’ a TV series by Wong Kar Wai, has spurred consumer nostalgia for ‘90s fashion, travel, and beauty trends.

  • Content related to the drama has accumulated a staggering 4.3 billion views on China’s micro-blogging platform Weibo.

  • The series has also catalyzed a boom in bespoke suits for men, a nod to the sartorial elegance of the 1990s as depicted in the show. A key scene shows the protagonist transforming from an unnoticed city dweller into a sophisticated gentleman through a bespoke suit.

  • On Xiaohongshu, netizens are sharing tips on how to dress like the characters on the show. “Many ready-made clothes aren’t suitably elegant.

  • Meanwhile, booking platform Ctrip reports that searches and bookings for Shanghai have recently increased 20 percent.



3. Impressive campaign ideas in 2024

  • Cui Jian’s Concert: Egg

Uses an egg to show us the uniqueness of Chinese rock. It is not as hard as stone, but more viable. The uniqueness of Chinese rock music, it is a more powerful force that continues to grow with the changes of the times, but no matter how the appearance changes, the core remains the same.

  • Union Pay (Charity Ad): Glowing stones in the mountains

The stones are rough, silent, and tough, just like children in the mountains. Finding the shining points of children and making efforts based on them is a long-lasting case for the brand.

  • Mengniu: 2024 “Unreasonable” blessings

This short film starts from six scenes and combines hurdles, climbing, taekwondo and other sports to convey beautiful blessings to the audience in a concrete way. The magical plot is both exaggerated and full of laughter, instantly igniting people’s expectations for the new year.



4. Harbin icy spectacles draw record-breaking 3M visitors

  • Harbin is generating a record-high amount of tourism revenue thanks to social media hype. Brands like Lancôme have taken notice.

  • Every winter, China’s northeastern city of Harbin is transformed into a winter wonderland. Picture 250,000 cubic meters of ice meticulously carved into 1,000 ethereal ice sculptures, taking the shape of castles, temples, mythical creatures, and more.

  • Social media has played a key role in drawing crowds to the city. On Xiaohongshu, the hashtags “Harbin” and “Harbin travel” boast a total of 1.9 billion views and 800 million views, respectively.

  • Luxury beauty label Lancôme, for instance, has crafted a crystal-clear installation in the shape of the Arc de Triomphe, featuring the handiwork of multimedia Chinese artist Jacky Tsai, which make for fun photoshoot spots.


5. Top Chinese livestreamers are flocking to overseas TikToK

  • Crazy Little Brother Yang has just become the first in what could be a wave of Chinese livestreamers moving to tap into the overseas e-commerce market. Crazy Little Brother Yang, who is known for his larger-than-life comedic antics, was the first livestreamer to reach 100 million subscribers on Douyin, TikTok’s separate sister app in China.

  • Crazy Little Brother Yang held his first overseas broadcast on Singaporean TikTok on January 15.

  • Yang is not the only major Chinese livestreamer planning to break into TikTok. The former tutoring company Oriental Selection (also known as East Buy), now one of Douyin’s biggest channels, is recruiting for a raft of TikTok-related positions, Liepin.com job listings reveal.

  • Moving to TikTok could be a way for livestreamers to salvage their careers away from the watchful gaze of the Chinese internet. On top of this, the growth rate of Chinese platforms is slowing down in terms of both GMV and users, making now the perfect time to invest in their overseas counterparts.



6. Chinese are shifting work-life balance toward ‘life,’ poll shows:

  • Two-thirds of Chinese consumers have come to value their private lives more than success at work to a greater degree than before the pandemic.

  • Many have been struggling to find work amid a slowing economy and job cuts at tech companies. Asked about prospects for career advancement, 41% see less room for promotion than they did before 2019, while 37% see no difference. Respondents showed less interest in learning skills for work, focusing more on personal pursuits. A total of 45% feel they spend too much time on their smartphones

  • There is a growing trend toward a type of relaxed self-improvement. More people named going to the gym or doing yoga, traveling, volunteering, camping and fishing, and cooking as activities they enjoyed last year. Fewer mentioned gaming or learning work skills.

  • For brands, it gets back to understanding primary motivations. Touting success in careers is still important for some consumers, but it doesn’t hold the same widespread appeal as it once did.


7. Inventory of China Mobile Internet “Dark Horses”

Driven by the vitality of the offline economy and the continuous increase in the proportion of post-2000 users (12.4%), there are more traffic dark horses in office, travel, and life service apps in 2023.

  • The “dark horse” application is the most prominent growth application during the same period, with a relatively small overall user base

  • In 2023, tourism and travel will become a hot field, with mobile games accounting for 20% of newly launched apps

  • Multiple mobile games have shown impressive performance, with strong growth in AIGC (AI Generated Content)  and short drama apps

  • The dark horse WeChat mini program is scattered, and the life travel Alipay mini program is growing faster, and the Douyin short drama mini program is soaring

Mini programs have also experienced rapid growth, with WeChat mini programs appearing as “dark horses” in the fields of finance and daily life.


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