Toutiao Marketing Basics

Toutiao is an information and news aggregator where users can search for interesting and news-worthy content and subscribe to their favorite channels. It can also analyze and suggest a user’s interests based on their past enquiries, similar to what Google does.


Toutiao had 260 million monthly active users and 120 million daily active users in June 2019, with over 70% of its users aged at 19-35. Users posted 450 million posts on Toutiao with 9 billion likes for content creation.


The difference between Toutiao and other platforms is its huge traffic. Their AI assesses individual preferences based on interests and hobbies and accurately targets relevant content to its users, tailoring a user’s feed to include topics related to their likes.


The stats, tech and traffic on the platform makes Toutiao one of the best platforms to market on.


1. Advertising

Based on big data and AI, Toutiao ads can accurately reach target customers. Toutiao can also support multiple advertising formats and purposes.



  • Open Screen Ads


Offers premium exposure and placement with a full-screen ad, providing a strong visual impact. It can also display advertising materials or landing pages in designated time slots.


  • Information Flow Ads


The most common ad format on Toutiao, information flow ads are native ads that appear interspersed in the user’s information stream on their feed. They can be text, image, GIF or video format. Also available in multiple sales models, such as CPM, CPT, GD and CPC. 


  • Detail Page Ads


Ads displayed on the article or video details page that appears when people finish the content. They also support multiple formats.


For more information on Toutiao’s advertising potential, check out this blog on Toutiao Advertising.

2. Content Marketing

  • Toutiao creators and KOLs

Brands can collaborate with Toutiao creators to attract target consumers through trustworthy content. Cooperating with creators who create content that is recognized as relevant and high quality by the users and the platform is good for brand awareness and exposure.

  • A Toutiao Brand Account

Brands can set up and manage their own Toutiao brand account and use it to publish high-quality content and engage with users directly.


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