This Week’s Highlights in China

China announces breakthrough in 6G mobile technology

A huge milestone in “world’s fastest” real-time wireless transmission has been announced by a high-tech institute:

The maximum transmission speed might be up to 100 times faster than the present 5G system, which can already carry data 20 times quicker than prior standards.

Around 2030, China is anticipated to see 6G technology hit the market. It lays the groundwork for future 6G holographic communication, the emergent buzzword “metaverse,” and other yet-to-be-developed applications.

By “replacing the vast number of cables in the data centre, allowing for more efficient Internet transmission,” it might also “substantially” cut expenses and power usage.


WeChat users & platform insights 2022


  • 1.26 billion monthly active users 
  • 330 million use video calling.
  • 780 million users are on the social networking section WeChat Moments 
  • 120 million publish updates
  • 450 million users access Mini Programs
  • The commercial realization of WeChat mini-games increased by 20%
  • China game live streaming revenues to double by 2021
  • WeChat Search: The number of monthly active users of WeChat search has reached 700 million according to WeChat official data released in January 2022.
  • WeChat Pay: more than 240 million users. It boosted the conversion rate of e-commerce orders by 14%
  • WeChat Channels: Tencent’s ultimate weapon in the short video market. It’s maturing with the integration with Official Account, Search, Mini Programs, etc.
  • WeCom: 80,000 enterprise WeChat partners, with a year-on-year growth of 400%. 


Is Xiaohongshu losing its attractiveness?

In recent months, RED has encountered a number of significant challenges, both internally and externally.

Unfair KOL/UGC content was discovered for a large number of brands, while other accounts were accused of producing overly-beautified and unrealistic evaluations. The site was also attempting to appeal to more male customers by advertising gaming-related content, as well as sexually suggestive information that may potentially reach minors.

Furthermore, Douyin and Taobao are adding new elements to their “growing grass” (种草)  efforts.


Tapping into the explosive growth of personalized beauty in China

In traditional offline beauty stores, sales associates greet customers, try to understand their needs and make product recommendations.

People may now access massive amounts of information with a few easy clicks at home thanks to modern technologies. Algorithms aid in the limiting of the knowledge pool, while other users’ ratings and reviews on social media assist in determining whether a product is truly effective. COVID merely accelerated the process.

They will be guided by a variety of diagnostic tools, artificial intelligence (AI), widgets, applications, online quizzes, and online experts. However, in many cases, none of the items is actually individualised. The technologies in the discussion are more for speeding up consumers’ decision process rather than catering to their real needs.

WeChat’s Powerful Ecosystem Offers a Complete Cycle of Data Collecting – Branding – Marketing – Selling – Brand Refresh


WeChat open class pro-2022

Channels: promote it by supportive policies and Livestream concert

  • Lead the traffic to the original creators; make 1 million creators have income
  • Livestream concert: in 2021, they held 2 big concerts (Westlife: 27 million visitors; Mayday: 12 million visitors)

WeChat pay: in the past, people used WeChat coupons/discounts to save 22.9 billion RMB; the total consumption amount was 520 billion RMB.

  • Optimize the digital management
  • 10 billion RMB project to help the small and micro-merchants to upgrade their system

Mini program: DAU 450 million

  • the mini-program accelerated their integration into all walks of life due to the pandemic, such as Make an appointment for vaccination, Online office tool and Government service etc
  • They will Improve the users’ experience and support the service provider

Search: MAU 700 million

  • Integrate Search to mini-program, account and Channels

WeCom: Over 1 million people use WeCom in 1 hour at the same time, they will focus on 

  • Internal management
  • Connect the brand and the potential customers


The lifestyle trends making it big in 2022… from air fryers to going green

More than 70% of Xiaohongshu users are from the post-90s age, who are young, active, and enthusiastic about their life. They provide a peek into what fascinates China’s new generation by researching the latest trends and sharing their experiences on Xiaohongshu. By evaluating the content on Xiaohongshu throughout the year 2021 and sorting out quickly growing trends, we can predict which ones will most likely break into the mainstream in 2022 and be extensively adopted by the young Chinese population this year.

In 2022, let’s look forward to the trends that will add a refreshing spin to everyone’s lifestyles:

  • Mountain life

For the past two years, there has been an epidemic. People who live at home and work for lengthy periods of time can feel suffocated at times. To slow down, they appear to need to find an outlet and take a deep breath of fresh air outside.

  • Air fryer

According to xiaohongshu’s trend projection for “frying everything using an air fryer,” there would be more than 60 million searches for information connected to the air fryer in the station by 2021.

  • Immersive experience 

Xinhong data (xiaohongshu data platform of Xinbang) )It shows that the notes of “immersive home”, “immersive bath” and “immersive makeup” released by several xiaohongshu users have won more than 100000 praise collections

  • Ice Skating and Skiing

The volume of searches for “skiing tutorial” in Xiaohong Book increased by 100% year over year in 2021. There are more skiing-related notes (380000+) than skateboarding-related notes (280000+) that can be done all year.


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