Why are quiz games so popular on WeChat?

It is no doubt that WeChat is pushing the boundaries of social & digital media in China. And now it has added another feather to their cap with Quizz. The rising trend of live quiz on WeChat began when Wang Sicong published a quiz app game named Chongdingdahui. And since then, live quiz apps have witnessed a strong growth and have opened up a new marketing avenue for brands.


So, what are these live quiz apps all about?


They are live online streaming apps with amazing cash prizes. The 30 minute show has a host who presents the questions to the contestants, who answer the question within 10 seconds. The huge incentives and cash prizes have managed to capture the attention of millions of users. Popular celebrities are also invited to host these shows to attract more players.


Based on a research conducted by a renowned research firm, live quiz apps is actively used by around 1.5 to 5 million users. Over above the cash prizes and celebrity hosts, Chinese residents also find live trivia entertaining as they must answer all questions correctly within a given time frame to win the grand prize! The app sends out push notifications to users before the live stream begins. In order to incentivize more users to play the game, the apps have also introduced features like Team Mode and Resurrection Card.


Team mode allows the players to form a team to increase their chances of winning the game. The resurrection card is for the users who’ve invited a friend to install the app and can be used when the user answers incorrectly.


How have brands marketed themselves on live quiz apps?


It is no surprise that brands have leveraged live quiz apps after witnessing its huge popularity. For instance, Huawei sponsored an episode of Millionaire Winner to promote their smartphone. Throughout the show, the host mentioned the name of the brand and held the product to promote it. Certain questions about the brand were also a part of the quiz to raise brand awareness. Alternatively, few other brands also announce hidden tips in product posters to drive traffic to their social media handles. Here’s an example of how Thomas Cook innovatively leveraged WeChat.


The popularity of the live quiz apps has given birth to another route of marketing for brands. Players not only pay attention to the game but also to the sponsored content accompanying it. This allows the brand to directly market their products/services to their prospective users.


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