Live Streaming in China

Live video streaming is becoming very popular in China, especially amongst the internet youth. Its popularity is also growing, which could present some fantastic opportunities for companies who are implementing digital marketing strategies in their business plan. More than 400 million online viewers live stream in China, making it one of the most popular video formats. With over 200 livestreaming platforms focusing on different markets and viewers, it can function as a resourceful marketing tool at a fraction of the price.

Live streaming features real time content delivery, while providing people with the opportunity to connect instantly and interactively.


Live Video Streaming Use Cases

There are several brands, both big and small, that are successfully using live streaming to engage with their customers, like:

  • During New York Fashion Week, COACH reached out to two popular Chinese celebrities to visit their showroom and engage with viewers live, resulting in about seven million interactions.
  • Oreo used two popular young singers to ‘goofball’ on live video as a promotion for a new flavour, setting a sales record for the brand.
  • Adidas reached out to a graffiti artist to draw a sneaker on live video, changing the design in line with feedback from the viewers.


Tips for Marketers

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while getting started with live streaming:


Connecting in Real-time with the Audience

One of the most popular and important functions of a livestream is the “real-time” factor that provides audiences with a chance to interact with the broadcasters during livestreaming. With this feature, potential customers can ask their queries, get answers to pressing questions, and gain a more comprehensive impression of the products and the brand.


Livestreams with KOLs & KOCs

When livestreaming in China, a combination of KOLs appears to be quite effective, as KOLs and KOCs provide product reviews and brand recommendations, increasing exposure and brand recognition.

Live Commerce

E-commerce platforms embed live streams all the time and allow stores to sell through those live streams as well. There are some famous Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and who were the first to embed links to their shopping interface into their live streams so viewers could purchase items while watching. But now the industry has grown out to a massive scale, deserving of its own term, Live Commerce.


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