How To Promote Your Account On WeChat

WeChat is more than just an instant messaging app. It has become a lifestyle for people living in Mainland China. It functions as a chat app, a marketplace, a dynamic marketing tool and much more. The number of monthly active WeChat users is over 1 Billion as of 2019, and around 80% of them are between the ages of 20 to 40. Its holistic ecosystem, with tools that enable companies to do everything from realization to conversion, makes it very convenient for brands and users to interact with each other. This opens up a lot of avenues for executing effective promotions and campaigns.

Here are 3 ways you can promote your account on WeChat:


Banner Ads

Quite like the banner ads seen on websites, WeChat banner ads are useful in roughly targeted advertising campaigns. They exist right at the bottom of the page where the WeChat verified account has posted the message or the article. Even though they are quite popular, they are not very attractive to users who have a low click-through rate.


Moments Ads

Moment ads appear in the Moments section of the app as a feed posted by one of their contacts (the one promoting the ad). They are governed by the WeChat self-serve advertising system. They use targeted advertising, i.e focusing on certain user traits and patterns, making the chances of the ad being reposted quite high. Thus, there is a lot of potential for an interesting and exciting ad to go viral on the platform. Both text-image ads and video ads are supported on the platform.


Public Account Ads

These are tailored within the WeChat public account of the brand, allowing the owner of the account to reach out to potential customers by promoting specific products to targeted demographics. The brand has to apply to become an advertiser in the self-serve advertising system before they can utilise this feature. The ad can be a text-image, following card, download card or coupon card format located at the bottom of the account page.



KOLs are influencers or independent copywriters who create and distribute valuable and relevant micro-content on a regular basis. Leveraging the help of such well-received KOLs is a widely used practice since they already have a certain trust built amongst their followers already.

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