How Brands Can Get Started With WeChat CRM

With China becoming a bigger and bigger opportunity for brands by the day, more and more companies gear towards tapping that market, which means bigger competition. Therefore, brands need to deliver experiences that create authentic customer value. They want continuous growth but they forget to utilise the tools that can help them achieve that goal. In order to achieve the best ROI direct engagement and interaction, they need good social CRM.

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This Is Where WeChat CRM Comes In

WeChat has a massive number of accounts presently running on the platform, and many third-party tools and vendors have leveraged this opportunity to provide a wide range of functions that help optimize the platform. One of them is WeChat CRM. Brands can use this tool to effectively build customer relationships and loyalty, raise brand awareness and conversations while improving their overall user experience.


Basics To Understanding WeChat CRM

  • Understand the customer journey

Mapping your customer’s journey can be one of the most important things you can do for your marketing strategy. It tells you the market disposition to engaging with your brand i.e. demographics, trends, frequencies, etc. Since it’s difficult to understand the ins and outs of WeChat marketing, understanding WeChat CRM becomes essential since it helps the brand in a ton of ways.

WeChat CRM can help brands become informed about the most relevant entry points, the weight of different marketing activities, influencer impact and demographic data. In turn, you can take advantage of these strategies to stay ahead of the competition.


  • Segment according to demographics

The next step of your WeChat marketing strategy should be customer segmentation. The power of segmentation can be huge when it comes to providing the right strategy to the right demographic. WeChat CRM comes in handy here since the segmentation options on it are quite detailed and powerful. Right from the point of contact to retargeting, WeChat CRM provides a number of features and information, making it a pivotal tool in customer segmentation.


Benefit To Your Brand

Brands have the opportunity to execute extremely effective campaigns and strategies targeted to the demographics’ personalities and trends, all with the help of WeChat CRM. They can gain a comprehensive view of their audience and offer personalised customer support whenever and wherever. Here, tracking customer behaviour becomes key in order to adapt to the right engagement techniques to secure potential customers through remarketing tactics. And one of the best ways to do that is through the WeChat CRM.

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