Exploring China’s Market: The Latest Updates

1. LinkedIn announced its decision to discontinue InCareer in China: 

  • Effective August 9, the decision was attributed to the fierce competition and challenging macroeconomic climate in the Chinese market, the firm stated. 
  • LinkedIn introduced the InCareer app for the Chinese market in December 2022. 
  • As of March of this year, InCareer had approximately 95,9600 monthly active users (MAUs), while its competitors 51 Job and Boss boasted 18.5 million MAUs and 17.3 million MAUs, respectively.
  • LinkedIn had previously expressed its intention to shift its strategic focus in the Chinese market toward assisting Chinese companies with overseas talent recruitment, brand marketing, and skill training.



2. The Chinese short video platform Kuaishou showcased a new AIGC solution and AIGC digital human product called Kuaishou Zhibo:

  • The head of Kuaishou’s AI business highlighted that the AIGC solution is built upon Kuaishou’s self-developed foundational large language model. 
  • It will help creators in the generation of text, images, music, videos, and 3D works by providing them with inspiration, creative materials, and intelligent production services.
  • The company is developing technologies such as text-to-image creation, AI-supported cameras, and intelligent video scripting for its portrait camera app Yitian Camera, and its video editing app Kuaiying.



3. Guochao brew: China’s Gen Z craves a cup of ‘Chinese-style’ coffee

  • More cafés have created a distinctly Chinese atmosphere by incorporating traditional architecture, such as a courtyard, decorating their interiors with antique furniture, and serving drinks in Gaiwans. 
  • They serve as popular spots for dates, chats, studying, and business meetings.
  • The localization goes beyond store aesthetics to infuse Chinese elements into the taste and preparation methods of the coffee as well. 
  • Because these specific product launches rely heavily on novelty, the buzz is often artificial and temporary. 
  • However, Guochao — or the integration of traditional Chinese elements in contemporary life — is no passing phase or gimmick.


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