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Does Your Brand Need a Weibo Profile?

Many international companies begin their Chinese social media presence with a WeChat official account, but having a Weibo account can also help them gain awareness.

Weibo posts are visible to more users and non-followers than WeChat posts because of a distinct feed structure. However, as Weibo is one of China’s oldest social media sites, new platforms are appearing all the time. It’s best to assess target audience behaviour and then invest funds and effort into the most relevant combination of social media, depending on the target demographic.



Bilibili Marketing Guide: E-commerce, KOL Promotion & Ads

Bilibili, a famous youth-oriented video streaming and sharing network, is thought to be the most similar to Youtube. However, Bilibili’s distinguishing characteristics and distinct community culture set it apart from its western equivalents.

The bullet comments mechanism, which displays all incoming comments on the screen, is one of Bilbili’s most noticeable features. Chinese viewers prefer watching films with live comments because it gives them a greater sense of belonging and sharing. This sense of belonging contributes to the platform’s growth: Bilibili is used by one out of every two young people in China. Young individuals under the age of 35 make up 86% of the 202 million Monthly Active Users on the network.

Engagement rates also benefit from this feeling of community: users spend more than 80 min per day on the platform, generating 4.7 billion interactions per month. Bilbili now offers official KOL collaboration, e-commerce integration and ads solutions.



Brands invest in Metaverse 

From Bloomberg, the scale of Metaverse will be 800 billion USD in 2023. In this double 11, there are not just real products, we also meet some new friends from Metaverse. Small holds an online exhibition called the Metaverse Art show, users can search in Tmall the keyword and then enter in the Show. 

For example, Burberry launched a digital elfin, which is unique and in limited edition, you can buy this and get a limited scarf. Tmall also collaborated with the other 9 brands and released Musical Instruments. One brand created just one instrument and the users can buy it.

All these NFT products were made by the Ant Chain, the Alibaba blockchain supplier. They design, produce digital products for the brands, and also provide the cochain and distribution. 



Kuaishou brand advertising multi-form help live marketing

  • Eye-show: Excellent exposure drainage — Open screen Eyemax straight to the broadcast room. Eye-show is mainly suitable for strong brand promotion, new product launch and other scenarios. In the past, high-quality entry data was favoured by advertisers.
  • Feeds – show: Video streaming native scene – a single column of information flow straight to the broadcast room. The product form can meet the marketing demands of the brand-customer information flow directly to the live broadcast room. At the same time, based on the basic ability of the brand information flow, the material can be saved to the customer’s personal home page for a rich promotion, laying a foundation for the subsequent content marketing.
  • Simple broadcast room: Fully immersive live streaming experience –A single column of information flows straight to the studio and then escalates. Brand information flow new live fully immersive style — advertising style simple studio and through the show live broadcast real-time images in a single stream, achieve the purpose of life for heating, the real-time image lead to the recommended flow, further shorten the user to watch live path, native display optimization experience, and expand the clickable region into the air.






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