A Recap of the Latest China Updates

Meet Poizon (Dewu), China’s Latest E-commerce Platform


  • What it is?
    Poizon is a full-fledged fashion marketplace that sells authentic designer and premium brand sneakers, garments, bags, watches, and accessories, as well as artwork. It began as a content-sharing community in 2015. The company then ventured into e-commerce and used specialised authentication. Its journey is built around two pillars: community and shopping, allowing for a closed content-to-commerce cycle.
  • What does it offer?
    • Verification and quality inspection process for each purchase. Poizon-branded packaging, featuring an exclusive certificate of authenticity, a tamper-resistant cable tie, and custom packaging, is included with items that pass the process.
    • The world’s largest AR shoe model library. Its “AR try-on” function is used by 30% of customers every day.
  • What makes it different?
    On-site orders through purchase links in the posts, and sharing authentic experiences and styling inspirations after receiving the products. This helps accumulate brand equity and establish loyal communities.
  • Why does it matter?
    90% of its users are Gen Zers. They are better educated, have a broader perspective, and are more concerned about quality. Poizon has established an online shopping destination as well as a virtual area in which to form emotional relationships with others, and they are motivated by the potential of the community.

    Poizon, unlike other social networking platforms and e-commerce sites, is in charge of everyday operations, which are usually outsourced to third-party organisations. For brand merchants, there is no registration charge, which is a high cost on marketplaces like Tmall. And all of its marketing and advertising tools are available for free.

  • Bottom line: Legendary collaborations like Louis Vuitton x Supreme and Dior x Air Jordan have proved that the resale value of luxury can concentrate brand equity. Leading premium brands, however, appear unwilling to open official accounts, based on the current brand portfolio on the marketplace. A prudent approach might be a one-off collaboration.


Link: https://jingdaily.com/poizon-china-ecommerce-streetwear-resale/?utm_source=Jing+Daily+Subscriber+List&utm_campaign=03272a45fc-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_03_12_06_39_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8dec01cd8d-03272a45fc-408272405

Tips on Increasing the WeChat Article Open Rate

  1. Leave out key information
  2. Catchy headlines
  3. Surprising – repeating characters or leaving extra spacing between letters
  4. Leverage buzzwords
  5. Relate to a common struggle
  6. Numbers in the titles
  7. Call out your target audience
  8. Problem + solution
  9. Be friendly and personable
  10. Categorize

Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ahD0qYcIxpW6Jd2UNq6jhQ

Xiaohongshu Wants More Male Users. It’s Using Women as Bait.

Is XHS drastically changing? Since the company has adopted a new growth strategy that prioritizes attracting more men to join the platform, many women say that they no longer feel safe and comfortable sharing their reviews.


Taobao Tmall Released the Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Trend Report. Based on Global Trends and Consumer Side Data, the Report Jointly Released Eight Spring/Summer Fashion Trends.

  • New Chinese style: Generation Z in China promotes design that is inspired by Chinese style and elements; at the same time, creative workers continue to produce excellent “New Chinese” products by delving deeply into the meaning of traditional cultural elements and combining them with the aesthetic concept of the new era.
  • The wearing style is generally made of body shapers, navel revealing styles, which accentuate the sensual and daring while integrating innocence and is influenced by the #Y2K style that has become trendy in recent seasons.
  • Free commuting: As working from home becomes the new normal, clothing is becoming increasingly integrated and diverse, and can be readily exchanged between office and leisure to meet the needs of many scenarios.
  • City Girl & Boy: Having a lockdown at home encourages individuals to engage in outside activities and get closer to nature. People are increasingly participating in outdoor recreational activities. Young people want a neutral combination, which combines leisure, sports, and other style components while displaying a basic and informal attitude and lifestyle.
  • Dopamine: This type of design can inspire joy and hope, restoring confidence and optimism for the future. Consumers are easily won over by design and experience that may elevate their spirits and promote optimism. Tufting’s popularity, both online and offline, is proof of this, as is the emergence of businesses like Merci Madame and Tagi, which demonstrate the trend’s market potential.
  • Holiday south France: go abroad vacationing still can stay only in imagination stage, “escape city plan” heat is not reduced, contracted and comfortable French country vacationing style catered to this one demand, attracted young city people with its peculiar languid, leisurely and comfortable with grace.
  •  High-performance life: safety and security as the most basic human survival law, is now under threat, it will drive the innovation of high-tech protective materials, promote the renewal and iteration of functional protective product design, so that science and technology empower, science and technology to benefit the world, in the field of fashion with products to provide people with a safe high-performance life.
  • Deconstruction: As customers place a greater emphasis on environmental protection, businesses and brands must assume greater social responsibility in designing and producing environmentally sustainable products that reflect today’s consumer values. In 2023, businesses’ objective of regeneration will become a prominent innovation field, as seen by the fashion industry’s launch of regenerative series, the use of recyclable materials in product design, and the creation of individual pieces through deconstruction.

Link: http://beautyland.creativeonshow.com/ifashion/index.html

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