4 Essentials For A Kickass WeChat Marketing Strategy

WeChat has well over 1.12 billion users, making it the fifth most popular social media platform worldwide. It’s an app you cannot ignore especially since its penetration rate is approximately 80% in China. With WeChat becoming more and more popular and powerful in China, being present on the platform and having a well-documented strategy around it has become necessary.

Here are 4 important pointers to fine-tune your WeChat marketing strategy to the highest possible level.


Define Your Target Audience

It’s common knowledge that China has a massive population.

Therefore, both demographics and psychographics are important in creating your WeChat marketing strategy. You need a detailed buyer persona for your target group to create marketing opportunities that fit your target audience’s needs.


Competitor Analysis

Before creating a WeChat marketing strategy, you need to do a thorough competitor analysis. It allows you to determine exactly where your money is and should be going to get ahead of your competition.

Social media in China is quite an extensive market. After identifying a few key competitors there, you’ll be able to identify the channels that your competition is utilising.


Choose Your WeChat Official Account Type

WeChat offers three types of official accounts: Service Accounts, Subscription Accounts, and Enterprise Accounts.

To choose the right account for your WeChat marketing, you need to assess and understand each account type to make sure it suits your marketing strategy. All these accounts have different functionality, therefore it is imperative to select the right one.

You can find out the difference between these accounts here.


Right WeChat Marketing Tools

With your account set-up, it is important that you define the goals for your WeChat official account. You’ll need the right tools to do that.

WeChat Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)

CRMs offer functions like data storage, automation, interaction campaigns, deep analytics data, campaign management, loyalty programs, lead management, and more. All these can be utilised to create an all-round marketing plan with each point of focus being governed by the CRM.

Social Media Listening & Monitoring (SML & SMM)

These tools allow brands to track pre-listed keywords when their users mention them on their social media. This allows you to understand the image of your brand amongst your target group quite easily. It also allows brands to know when they’re being mentioned and respond accordingly.

The WeChat Index

This is a pretty basic free tool that can be quite useful in aligning your marketing strategy with your own vision and measuring the strength of your WeChat marketing strategy.

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