5 mistakes to avoid on WeChat

China has over 720 million internet users who use social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo. Chinese social media is unique and brands have to understand the needs of the local audience to deliver relevant content, increase engagement and drive sales.


Brands are yet to fully understand the multiple social media platforms due to its dynamic nature. Due to this reason, it has become extremely easy for brands to make mistakes on social media that can have a negative impact on their business.


Here are a few common mistakes that you must definitely avoid –


Turning a blind eye to PR crisis


With the rise of social media, there was also a simultaneous increase in PR crises. Users openly express their thoughts, feedback, or even rant about any dissatisfactory experience! The problem arises when a brand fails to address negative feedback from users. Plenty of times, brands resort to ignoring and deleting negative comments or responding with the most robotic reply. These actions only intensify the public discontent.


Buying fake results


This is a common error that is committed across social media platforms all over the world. Brands pay service providers and third parties to help increase their followers or article views through bots. The data that follows is not a true reflection of the brand’s social media presence. While these methods may seem fruitful in the short run, it only hurts the brand image in the long run when exposed by users.


Choosing the wrong KoL/Influencers


KoLs and Influencers are extremely useful for building the brand credibility, visibility and engagement on social media. However, sufficient research must be done in advance to understand the requirements and choose an influencer who would be the perfect fit for the brand. Careless selection will negatively impact the brand and degrade its image.


Lack of overall strategy


A single brand advertises on multiple social media platforms. The look and feel of each and every platform is different. There is even varying user behaviour on each of these platforms. Therefore, brands must have a solid social media strategy in place to prevent unfocused marketing efforts.


Not adapting to the revising rules & regulations


Everything in social media changes in a split second. The Chinese Government constantly reviews and updates the online rules and regulations. Brands must keep an eye out for these changing rules or it might lead to serious repercussions for their business.

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